Liven up your bar selection with individually packed nut and corn mixes in 5 mouth-watering flavours.
Roasted Giant corn and baked mixed nuts
perfectly crunchy, light, packed with plant protein and exciting natural flavours with an African twist

There are 5 tantalizing flavours:
All great accompaniments to wine, beer, cocktails & mocktails or straight-up spirits:

Bantu BBQ: The smoky and tangy one.
Sweet chilli Jive: The perfect balance of sweetness with a hint of chili – always leaving your customers wanting more…
Roasted tomatoes and chilli: The divine perfect combo of soft sweet roasted tomatoes with a spicy kick.
Coconut curry Groove: Fragrant Coconut Curry with the perfect amount of heat.
Lightly salted Crunch: Just the right amount of sprinkled sea salt for a satisfying crunch.

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