Snack For Change

Make a difference. Because we can

Three decades ago, a small six-year-old dreamed of the future. Dreamed of going to school. Dreamed of an education.

But this ambitious six-year-old was a girl. And being a female was enough reason to shatter those wishes. The little girl watched her dreams ebb away as her brothers were sent to school while she was kept at home to help her mother. All because she was born a female.

This little girl was my best friend, Iffy. Growing up we were inseparable. We played together, we ran together, we danced together. Then came the day when we were separated. When my own parents realised that if I stayed in Nigeria, my own future could be in doubt. So they sent me to London (where I was actually born) to get the education that Iffy and I both dreamed about. I was the fortunate one because that education altered my life. It was the education that Iffy was denied.

Today, I am passionate about helping other young girls just like Iffy. Just like me if I had stayed in Nigeria.

Today, I have a dream to empower as many young girls as possible in Africa through supporting World Vision.

Today, 131 million girls aged 6-17 do not go to school. Help us change that for the girls of tomorrow.

You Can Count on Us

  • We donate 1p per packet to help empower girls in Africa through education.
  • We will give 38,000 girls access to education by 2024.
  • We will build schools for children across Africa in the next decade.
  • We can do this with your continued support, so a big thank you!