backup of Our Mission

Hi, we’re CHIKA’S

You know when something tastes so good, you break into a happy dance with every bite? That's what CHIKA's is all about. We at CHIKA’s believe that snacks should be a joyful, flavorful, couchful experience: bursting with deliciousness you just have to celebrate.  Our journey began with a love for exploring global flavors inspired by our founder’s family recipes, and sharing this with snack enthusiasts everywhere. Our mission was to capture the colorful essence of Nigerian cuisine, but also build up our communities: we produce CHIKA’s in the UK, whilst also creating jobs in Nigeria. Nutrition, joy and happiness are the heart and soul of CHIKA's. We pop rice, rather than frying, so our snacks are lighter and lower in calories. Our hand-peeled peanuts bask under the Nigerian sun to absolute perfection. Each blend of spices we craft is carefully curated with love. Our crisps offer a satisfying *crunch* that will leave you wanting more. We want every encounter with CHIKA's snacks to be an adventure for your taste buds, whether you’re home or away.


 But it's not just about us. At CHIKA's, we’re more than just a snack brand; we’re a community of flavour-seekers who are giving back. We're all about empowering our women and girls. The CHIKA’s Girls Rotation Programme helps secure their future for today, tomorrow, and beyond. To find out more, head to our mission page <here>. Ready to join our snack party? Follow us on social media to stay updated on our tasty adventures.  Let's taste the joy. Together.