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nuts, snacks & wholegrain rice crisps full of taste and IYANU goodness!

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Delicious snacks packed with flavour and wholesome goodness. 

Experience the wonderful tastes of vibrant Africa and share the joy!

CHIKA'S IYANU Special Mixed Nuts Box 10 Packs

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CHIKA'S Wholegrain Rice Crisps Mixed Box 16 Packs

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CHIKA'S IYANU Variety Sharing Box 34 Packs

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CHIKA’S Taster Box

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Luxury Nut different Flavours 4 x 140g Pots
Gingerbread Baked Almonds
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sharing the joy!

CHIKA'S seeks to support the girls of today to be the women of tomorrow with our work with World Visions and Snacks4Change programme. Help us do this and make a difference.