Smoked Almonds

A customer favourite for a reason! Our Smoked Almonds are roasted to perfection and sprinkled with a full-flavoured blend of paprika and spices for a smoky sensation.

Nutrition Information

100g 41g
Energy KJ 2539,5 1041
Energy kcal 612,5 251
Fat (g) 52 21
of which saturates (g) 3.4 1.3
Carbohydrate (g) 9.1 3.6
of which sugars (g) 3.4 1.3
Fibre (AOAC) (g) 13.7 5.5
Protein (g) 17.3 6.9
Salt (g) 1 0.4

Know More

Ah, CHIKA’S Smoked Almonds… Had the pleasure yet?

So many delighted and devoted ‘snackies’ out there have. But perhaps you’ve been too busy. Maybe, through wrongly assuming that “all almonds are the same”, you’ve simply grabbed the first packet you’ve come across in your rush to get the shopping done. So that you can return home. Kick off your shoes. Enjoy a cold one in the garden or in front of the TV. A filled snack bowl at your side…

WHAT a crying shame! No, more than that. A CATACLYSMIC CATASTROPHE.

Why? Because if you’d have just taken your time, done some research, and opted for CHIKA’S Smoked Almonds instead of any old brand, your chilling out time would’ve been SO much more pleasurable.

It’s a seriously smoky ‘snack then never look back’ thing…Look forward to a superb smoky flavour. Once snack-lovers try CHIKA’S Smoked Almonds, they never go back to their previous brand. Just as they never stop raving about the CHIKA’S taste.

Gluten-free. Suitably small yet BIG on flavour. Seasoned with paprika (to add just the right level of piquancy). Lovingly cooked until they’re nothing less than perfect. Attractively packaged. Affordably priced. Versatile, being the ideal accompaniment to ANY cool drink… CHIKA’S Smoked Almonds are all this and more. Blimey.

Enjoy almonds ‘the West African way!’
The health benefits of almonds are numerous. And, with the almond tree species being native to Africa, we CHIKA’S recipe creators have grown up with almonds being a regular part of our diet. That means there’s a rich history going on here – a background in growing, preparing, cooking and serving up almonds the West African way, which couldn’t be more different from the usual, same old same old almond experience most other almond snack makers provide. Really.

Ready for something truly different, then? Something smoky, seasoned and sensational that your taste-buds and tummy will eternally LOVE you for?

Go on, give ’em a wonderful West African treat!


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