Snack Boxes


As leading innovators in the gluten-free snack industry, CHIKA’S is really making a name for itself as a business that offers something unique to people everywhere, something refreshingly different.

What we’re talking about is a 100% natural and nutritious range of products (using authentic, African-inspired ingredients, flavours and style!) for those seeking a healthier snacking choice – an original healthy alternative that simply ROCKS.

But that’s not the only way we go about making a difference in the world.

Education, education, education…
We’re as uncompromising in our commitment to helping youngsters on the African Continent, as we’re unbending in our dedication to providing snack lovers with an exceptional food experience.

Being determined to make a positive impact upon impoverished communities in Africa – the global region from where we as a company draw our inspiration – CHIKA’S is involved in creating educational opportunities for children.

Fostering meaningful change in African communities isn’t easy, but it is possible if there’s enough will, combined with feasible ideas.

imageOne initiative that CHIKA’S has come up with, that has already progressed from being at first an idea on paper to a wonderful reality, is our successful SNACK 4CHANGE programme, which we run in conjunction with our charity partner SOS Children’s Villages (a brilliant organisation that has been helping some of the world’s most vulnerable children and families for over six decades now).

In the same say that with each bite of a CHIKA’S product you are ‘taken back to West Africa’, we as a company give something back to Africa through SNACK4 CHANGE, which helps us increase world education one child at a time.

The way this works is SO simple.

Become a SNACK4 CHANGE subscriber and you’ll receive one of our nutritious snack boxes delivered directly to your home or workplace. We will then pair you up with a child in Africa requiring support to receive education there!

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