Sun Roasted Redskin Peanuts

CHIKA’S unique Sun Roasted Redskin Peanuts – dried under the African sun before being hand-toasted over a wood fire. Look forward to a distinctive, rich flavour!

Ingredients: Handtoasted peanuts with skin. Try them now!!!


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Time passes swiftly like a floating petal in a sudden summer wind… Sand flows so briskly through the hourglass of life… Countless moments crystallise into myriad memories, to reflect upon, to relish… Where DO the years go?


OK, calm down. We hear you. Chill. Count to ten…

What’s obviously happened to you is to be expected. It’s normal. Usual. A common occurrence in domestic properties across the country, the world in fact, after a hard day at the office.

After kicking off your shoes and pouring yourself a cool refreshing drink, you’ve filled a snack bowl with CHIKA’S globally popular Hand-Toasted Peanuts (Skin On), only to find the bowl ransacked by family members and other house guests within seconds, right? You barely got to enjoy a single nut, let alone a handful. And now it’s all too late. The bowl’s bare, completely empty, as empty as your future seems… That’s the problem, right?

While we’re asking questions…

  • Why does toast always land butter-side down? NO IDEA
  • Do penguins have knees? YES. NO! DON’T KNOW!
  • Why were most of the Muppets left-handed? GOOD POINT

And, the burning question that’s on every (non-West African) person’s mind right now:

  • Why on earth would CHIKA’S hand-toast peanuts but leave the skins on?

Ah, the answer to that last one’s simple. Leaving the skin on the nuts means extra antioxidant power and a subtly smokier taste for lucky consumers. Unlike most “roasted” nuts on the market, ours are toasted without the use of oil, you see. They’re dried under the glorious West African sun before being hand-toasted over a wood fire for their distinctive, rich flavour – a flavour you’ll LOVE.

The problem is (because there’s always something, right?), your family and friends will LOVE them too.


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41g, 41g x 6


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