Sun Roasted Peeled Peanuts

CHIKA’S unique Sun-Toasted Peanuts – dried under the African sun before being hand-toasted over a wood fire. Look forward to a distinctive, rich flavour Ingredients: Handtoasted peanuts without skin. Try them now!


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Hey, you there. Yes, YOU! Don’t be a nutcase. And don’t be a nincompoop, a hasty half-wit, or a jibba-jabba fool. How? By rushing into buying peanuts today, tonight, tomorrow, next week, without giving the matter extra-careful thought.

By choosing peanuts other than gluten-free, natural-tasting hand-toasted peanuts (without skins) from CHIKA’S, you’re badly letting down your taste-buds, your tummy, your “treat myself to something truly scrumptious” side.

Is that really what you want?

Of course it’s not.

Peanuts that are shelled by hand, the husks removed by hand… HANDY!

Hand-toasted peanuts with the skins removed are the kind of snack other snacks aspire to be, but never quite become. Truth is, they never come close. Why? Because to prepare and cook CHIKA’S peanuts perfectly, you have to know exactly what you’re doing: how you should never fry them in oil, or rush the drying process as you leave them to settle and bask in the beautiful West African sun’s unique warmth. For as long as it takes. Until you’re 100 per cent sure that the patient wood fire hand-toasting part of the peanuts’ ‘journey’ can begin – a journey towards a final destination: a place of unparalleled peanut perfection.

Been there yet? Now’s your chance!

If skinless hand-toasted peanuts with a decidedly distinct taste – one that instantly takes you on an awe-inspiring odyssey to wonderful West Africa – is what you need with your cool drink next time, grab some nutritious, delicious (“OMG I’m speechless!”) CHIKA’S peanuts, and nothing else.

By making CHIKA’S hand-toasted (skinless) peanuts your only preference, you’re choosing high in anti-oxidants and protein nuts that are so rich in flavour, we should really add a padlock or safe combination to each packet.

This is peanut preparation and enjoyment the West African way. No oil. No rushing. No compromise. No skins. ‘Just’ palate-pleasing peanuts like you’ve never tasted before.


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