Gift box

Gift box


Plantain Crisps
Chickpea Crisps
Hand Toasted Peanuts
Black Pepper Cashews
Smoked Almonds
£ 7.95

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Awesome. Flavoursome. Gluten Free. Blimey!

BREAKING NEWS: Thanks to the good folks at CHIKA’S, the days of giving someone you care about a pair of socks as a present, or a book voucher, smelling salts, pyjamas, ‘Mamma Mia!’ on DVD, a power drill, or soapy-tasting chocolates from the pound shop, are long gone. Now, across the land the ‘gift of choice’ (by both givers and receivers) is undoubtedly a CHIKA’S Gift Box!

Got yours yet?

CHIKA’S Gift Boxes really are putting wide smiles on the faces of people everywhere, aren’t they? They’re changing lives, shaping futures, influencing whole generations, forcing people world-wide to question everything they thought they knew about snacks, and even “the very act of giving”.

So what on EARTH is inside them?

Here’s what:

  • CHIKA’S savoury Plantain Crisps – an exotic and flavoursome alternative to potato crisps, made from West Africa’s answer to the potato: Plantain!
  • CHIKA’S irresistible gluten-free Chickpea Crisps – experience an entirely new level of INSANE crunchiness!
  • CHIKA’S best-selling Smoked Almonds – lovingly cooked and seasoned with paprika. Piquancy perfection!
  • CHIKA’S unique Hand-Toasted Peanuts – dried under the African sun before being hand-toasted over a wood fire. Look forward to a distinctive, rich flavour!
  • CHIKA’S inimitable Black Pepper Cashews – delicious cashews enhanced by mouth-watering seasonings!

And so the moral of the story is… Whether for a birthday, Christmas or just to say thank you, spoil them with a CHIKA’S Gift Box – a gift they won’t forget, full of tasty treats (but snacks they’ll be reluctant to share, when it comes to the CRUNCH!).


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