Our quality is our word and we firmly stand behind our products. From the hand-picked and individually selected plantains to the hand toasted peanuts which are entirely prepared by hand. Quality and consistency remains at the core of our brand alongside flavour.


My motivation behind starting CHIKA’S was to take people on an adventure in taste, so that with each snack, each bite you are taken back to exotic Africa. Flavour is at the forefront of our journey as a team and as a business. My aspiration was to use these snacks to create meaningful change in the communities from which our inspiration is drawn. That is SNACK FOR CHANGE.”

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“I set out to create something that was defined by more than just delicious products, albeit that was a very important part. It was about an edible experience that would take people on a journey to a beautiful and exotic part of the world that is incredibly close to my heart.”

Before launching CHIKA’S, I spent a year sourcing the finest ingredients, refining recipes and testing the products on willing and hungry friends. The positive response was overwhelming – they simply went down a storm!

We try to do things differently to many larger companies and hopefully this comes across in the stylish packaging, our strong, chic female logo and products that are exciting to eat. CHIKA’S sets out to inspire our friends and partners, support producers and give our customers beautiful foods to share and to indulge.”