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Perfect, Healthy, Gluten Free Snacks to your door

We think snacking needn’t be pure indulgence if you use good ingredients and always look for a better, healthier alternative. By making our entire range of crisps and nuts gluten free, through toasting our peanuts not frying in oil, or baking our cashews, we strive to take out the guilt of snacking – without compromising on taste.

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BIG on flavour, Chika’s snacks will set your taste buds racing

Our snacks will never be bland, dull, or uninspiring. Chika is big on taste and big on bold flavours and we are always looking to innovate and surprise adventurous foodies – looking to go on a taste adventure with us – with something new, exciting and different. Using big African flavours and authetic ingredients, we stand apart from generic mass market snack products.

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As nature intended

Across our range of delicious snacks, we follow nature’s lead when creating our products.  This is why you will find that no two peanuts are the same or why one plantain crisp is a little more golden than the next. Our range is distinctive because we appreciate the uniqueness of each nut and each crisp, recognising in nature nothing is uniform. Our peanuts are shelled by hand, husks are removed by hand, sorted by hand and are toasted by hand. In each bag some peanuts will be larger than others and some will be smaller than others, just as nature intended. And it is this authentic, artisan approach that is the essence of why they taste so good…”

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