Taster Box Rice Crisps

Rice…rice…baby! It’s finally here! The ultimate healthy and delicious alternative to regular potato crisps!

Try the full range of CHIKA’S fantastic gluten free, low calorie Wholegrain Rice Crisps made with wholegrain brown rice and red lentils. Healthy doesn’t have to mean bland and tasteless as you’ll soon find out!

Here at CHIKA’s we are BIG on flavour, and the flavour of out Rice Crisps are almost bursting from the packets!

Prevent household squabbles by stocking up and try every scintillating IYANU flavour with this assortment box! 

IYANU is a Nigerian word for amazing and that's what this range of rice crisp snacks from CHIKA'S is - Amazing!

What’s Included?

Sea Salt and Vinegar Wholegrain Rice Crisps
Our Sea Salt and Vinegar Rice Crisps are made from wholegrain rice and red lentils for a light yet crunchy snack. The classic combination of salt and vinegar is elevated CHIKA style and you’ll certainly be craving more and more! 

Roast Red Pepper Wholegrain Rice Crisps
The complex and robust flavours of roasted red pepper over an open fire and hints of smoky cayenne pepper are just bursting from our Roasted Red Pepper Rice Crisps! 

Smoky Barbecue Wholegrain Rice Crisps
Our smoky Barbecue Rice Crisps are made from whole grain brown rice and red lentils, for a light yet crunchy snack with a mouth watering smoky flavour. With our special blend of natural spices, there’s an explosion of flavour with every crunchy, guilt-free bite.

Lightly Salted Wholegrain Rice Crisps
Sometimes you need to let the simplicity of our carefully sourced ingredients sing!

Celebrate the wholesome, natural goodness of our Lightly Salted Rice Crisps, simply made from wholegrain brown rice and lentils with these crunchy healthy snacks. 

All our snacks are vegetarian with a vegan bundle option available at checkout.