IYANU Variety Sharing Box 33 Packs

Go all out with CHIKA's amazing tasting IYANU Variety Sharing Super Bundle.

This assortment of traditional tastes and flavours is the best way to get to try out every one of our award winning snacks and prevent any household squabbles too!

Each packet is packed full of wholesome and healthy goodness, without skimping on the taste!

Here at CHIKA’s we are BIG on flavour and the scrumptious IYANU flavours are just bursting from each of these snacks.

Share the joy, love and happiness with CHIKA’s! 

Available while stocks last. 

IYANU is a Nigerian word for amazing and that's what this Variety Sharing Super Bundle of snacks from CHIKA'S is - Amazing!

What’s Included?

Award Winning Assorted Nut Tasting pack:

Honey Spiced Nut Mix

Our inticing Honey Spiced Nut Mix uses a blend of honey and mixed spices creating a delightful sweetly spiced flavour fusion.

Chilli & Lime Cashews and Peanuts

Explore the exotic with our Chilli & Lime Nut Mix, made with a squeeze of lime and hint of chili and tossed with baked almonds creating a balanced, sing-a-ling taste infusion.

Sun Roasted Redskin Peanuts

Our Sun Roasted Peanuts are hand toasted with their skins on in the warm African sun, creating that irresistible rich and smoky flavour.

Black Pepper Cashews

Our moreish Black Pepper Cashews are seasoned with cracked black pepper and a sprinkle of sea salt for a mouthwatering sensation.

Smoked Almonds

A customer favourite for a reason! Our Smoked Almonds are roasted to perfection and sprinkled with a full-flavoured blend of paprika and spices for a smoky sensation.

Amazing Tasting Wholegrain Rice Crisps Multipack:

Sea Salt and Vinegar Wholegrain Rice Crisps

Our Sea Salt and Vinegar Rice Crisps are made from wholegrain rice and red lentils for a light yet crunchy snack. The classic combination of salt and vinegar is elevated CHIKA style and you’ll certainly be craving more and more! 

Roast Red Pepper Wholegrain Rice Crisps

The complex and robust flavours of roasted red pepper over an open fire and hints of smoky cayenne pepper are just bursting from our Roasted Red Pepper Rice Crisps! 

Smoky Barbecue Wholegrain Rice Crisps
Our smoky Barbecue Rice Crisps are made from whole grain brown rice and red lentils, for a light yet crunchy snack with a mouth watering smoky flavour. With our special blend of natural spices, there’s an explosion of flavour with every crunchy, guilt-free bite.

Lightly Salted Wholegrain Rice Crisps
Sometimes you need to let the simplicity of our carefully sourced ingredients sing!

Celebrate the wholesome, natural goodness of our Lightly Salted Rice Crisps, simply made from wholegrain brown rice and lentils with these crunchy healthy snacks. 

Baked Plantain Crisps Tasting Pack:-

CHIKA's Plantain Crisps are a one of kind sweet and savoury snack!

CHIKA’S plantain crisps have only three ingredients – plantain, sunflower oil and salt or chilli. They do not need anything else and neither will you once you’ve tried them!

CHIKA'S sources inspiration and ingredients throughout the continent to create unique and premium African snacks. At CHIKA’S provenance is paramount, so for our PLANTAIN CRISPS we use only the finest quality golden ripe plantain, this makes them harder to work with, but this is the best way to eat plantains. They are thinly sliced shallow fried by hand, with three simple ingredients locking in the IYANU GOODNESS for a crisp and firm texture, giving you the ultimate crunch of satisfaction.

Our PLANTAIN CRISPS are 100% natural, plant based, vegan friendly and allergen free – free from gluten, soya, dairy and nuts. 

Lightly Salted Plantain Crisps:

Lightly salted, perfectly prepared Plantain Crisps for a natural sweet and savoury crisp.

CHIKA’S plantains crisps are made by thinly slicing and shallow frying the plantain, for a healthier naturally sweet and savoury crisp with the ultimate crunch, full of flavour reminiscent of vanilla, honey and molasses.

Tantalising Chilli Plantain Crisps:

Perfectly prepared Plantain Crisps seasoned with a little chilli for a perfectly balanced sweet and spicy crisp.  They are thinly sliced and shallow fried by hand, with three simple ingredients locking in the IYANU GOODNESS for a crisp and firm texture, giving you the ultimate crunch of satisfaction and a little kick of tantalizing chilli!