Sun Roasted Peeled Peanuts

Our Sun Roasted Peanuts are hand toasted with their skins on in the warm African sun, creating that irresistible rich and smoky flavour.



Handtoasted peanuts without skin.

Nutrition Information

100g 41g
Energy KJ 2488 1020
Energy kcal 600 246
Fat (g) 47 19,27
of which saturates (g) 8,3 3,40
Carbohydrate (g) 18,8 7,71
of which sugars (g) 6 2,46
Fibre (AOAC) (g) 7,9 3,24
Protein (g) 29,4 12,05
Salt (g) 1,3 0,53

Know More

CHIKA’S unique Sun-Toasted Peanuts – dried under the African sun before being hand-toasted over a wood fire. Look forward to a distinctive, rich flavour

Chika wanted to create a range of products that represented the foods and flavours she had grown up eating – namely the hand roasted peanuts.

Chikas nuts are harvested fresh, shelled from their husked and then a light salted water solution is sprinkled over them. The nuts are then allowed to dry in the sun so the salt marinates into the nut. Then they are toasted over an open flame in the pan. The secret to the delicious and intense flavour of our Epa nuts are it’s freshness as they get to market very quickly. Nothing added, just the peanuts.

Chikas nuts are to market in as little as 2 weeks of harvest.

Majority of mainstream brands get to market between 2-4 years. Once the nuts are harvested, they are graded into sizes they are then bleached to make them all look the same, then deep fried to give the stale nuts crunch, and then heaped with salt and flavours as they no longer have any natural flavour. The nuts from the harvest that are too tarnisahed and mouldy are often made into peanut butters and powders.


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