About us


My motivation behind starting CHIKA’S was to take people on an adventure in taste, so that with each snack, each bite, you are taken back to exotic Africa. Flavour is at the forefront of our journey as a team and as a business. My aspiration was to use these snacks to create meaningful change in the communities from which the inspiration is drawn. That is Chika’s Change



Our quality is our word and we firmly stand behind our products. From the hand-picked and individually selected plantains to the hand toasted peanuts which are entirely prepared by hand. Quality and consistency remains at the forefront of our brand alongside flavour.


Our snacks

Whilst flavour and eating experience remains our passion and drive, creating a healthier alternative is something which we are focused on so all of our products are natural, gluten free and GMO free. Where possible we bake our products so that we strike a balance between flavour and contentious snacking.