The wonderful world of clean eating and gluten free snacks has been expanding steadily in recent years and here, at CHIKA’S headquarters, we couldn’t be more excited about it! As people become more aware about what is in their food, whilst striving to achieve a better sense of health and wellness, there has been an increase in demand for free from foods, such as gluten free snacks.

With more than half a million people in the UK now taking on vegan lifestyles, it’s important to make sure they, as well as people suffering from gluten intolerance, can still enjoy tasty snacks without gluten. Which is why we’ve prepared delicious selection of mouth-watering gluten-free CHIKA’S snacks including our Gluten Free Crisps that are packed with flavour, and made from all natural ingredients.

In addition to their health benefits, gluten free snacks can also add something new to any shopping basket: tantalising textures, fascinating flavours and innovative ingredients. Speaking of flavour, ingredients and an insanely crunchy texture, have you tried our Chilli Plantain Crisps yet? They really pack a punch.

Sales of free-from food in the UK are predicted to continue rising, reaching around £673m by 2020, with gluten-free sales in particular seeing an increase of 30 per cent in recent years, and that’s something we can definitely get excited about.

Can’t see what all the hype is about? Allow us to introduce you to our Black Pepper Cashews. They’ll be sure to get your mind thinking about going gluten-free whilst leaving your taste buds tingling.

At CHIKA’S, we know how important it is to be 100% transparent, which is why we offer free from snacks to suit people with all sorts of dietary requirements. We are proud to shout out gluten free credentials from the treetops!

Ready to start enjoying gluten-free snacks? Discover our gluten free range online and in selected stores, including Waitrose, Whole Foods and Selfridges.

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