Many fruits and vegetables from all around the world that grow in weird and wonderful ways, including some that are used in our very own CHIKA’S snacks. Can you guess which ones we’re talking about? Read on to learn more about how these crops start their journey by growing on trees.


Cashews are grown on the cashew tree, a tropical, ever-green tree that produces both the cashew nut, and the cashew apple. The cashew apple is often referred to as a ‘fake fruit’, and within it is where you will find the popular cashew nut that we use here at CHIKA’S to create our much-loved Black Pepper and Sea Salted Cashews and our soon-to-come Chilli & Lime Cashews. Fun fact: this tree can grow as high as 46ft tall!


Due to being part of the banana family, the plantain vegetable grows on trees just like its banana counterpart. In order to grow to the best of their ability, plantains need consistently warm temperatures, meaning West Africa is the perfect plantain growing location. If you’re a CHIKA’S fan, you’ll know that we use plantain to make our classic Plantain Crisps, a staple in the CHIKA’S snack community inspired by our West African roots.


You probably knew about the fact that lemons grow on trees, but did you know that although lemon trees love the sun, the fruit usually matures in the winter months? We love using lemons all-year round to add a zesty hint to our Black Pepper and Sea Salt Cashews. 


The famous avocado begins growing as a fruit on an avocado tree. Did you know that some trees can take up to 15 years to produce the avocado fruit (perfection takes time, after all)? This delicious and nutritious fruit is also one of the main ingredients we used to make our mouth-watering Smoked Almond Green Smoothie. You can also use it to make guacamole, which makes a perfect starter combined with our Lightly Spiced Chickpea Crisps, when you’re in need of quick and easy to make appetisers for a dinner party.


Mango is yet another fruit that grows on trees. Deliciously sweet and juicy, this fruit is great for cooking or eating raw. The mango tree is a magnificent tree, standing at 151-131ft tall, and some trees have been known to produce fruit even after 300 years! The stone of the mango doesn’t have to go to waste, as it can be used to grow a whole new mango tree.

All CHIKA’S snacks are 100% natural and we seek nothing but the best quality ingredients, with all the goodness that nature has to offer us, so why settle for anything less? Visit our website and discover the wonderful flavours of CHIKA’S snacks for yourself and if you know any other interesting fruits or vegetables that grow on trees, let us know in the comments below.

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